Priorities for Giving
Grant Exclusions
The Application Procedure
Information Needed
Review Process

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The following guidelines help the Fourjay Foundation board and staff determine allocation of the Foundation resources.

Priorities for Giving

The Foundation supports only those organizations whose chief purpose is to improve health and/or promote education, within Philadelphia, Montgomery, and Bucks counties in southeastern Pennsylvania. For example, grants have been given to:

  • Local, accredited colleges and universities for student scholarships
  • Programs that address poverty, hunger, and illiteracy
  • Health–related services for the blind, mentally ill, or physically infirm
  • Community outreach programs such as drug education and social service
  • Services that protect children from abuse, neglect, or social disadvantage
  • Local grass–roots organizations that work within tight margins and small budgets


The Foundation will not give grants to the following:

  • Charities operating outside Montgomery, Bucks, or Philadelphia counties
  • Individuals
  • Elementary or secondary educational institutions
  • Museums, musical groups, theaters, or cultural organizations
  • Religious organizations in support of their sacramental or theological functions
  • Political groups or related “think tanks”
  • Athletic organizations or alumni associations
  • Libraries
  • Public radio or television
  • United Way or the YMCA
  • Civic organizations
  • Organizations that have applied or been funded within the last 12/month period

The Application Procedure

The Fourjay Foundation requires no specific application form. It will consider proposals that address a well-defined need, offer a concrete plan of action, and request a specific amount, from organizations whose staff has the ingenuity, commitment, and motivation to carry out the proposal’s objectives. Requests may be for operating support, project specific funds, or capital funds. Grants usually range from $1,000 to $10,000. Effective following the March 2014 quarterly meeting, deadlines will be May 1, August 1, November 1, and February 1. (Deadline for March 2014 meeting remains February 15.)

If the first of February, May, August, or November falls on a weekend or holiday, proposals are due in our administrative offices on the last preceding business day. No exceptions will be made and proposals received after the first will be held for the next regular board meeting.

All proposals should be submitted in writing to:

Fourjay Foundation
Building G, Suite One
2300 Computer Avenue
Willow Grove, PA 19090-1753

Information Needed

Organizations must include the following information; proposals deficient may be deferred or returned for completion.

  • A brief description of the organization submitting the proposal, including its legal name, primary purpose, and brief history (If applying for a project grant, you must still include purpose and history of whole organization.)
  • Financial information, including audited financial statements for the previous fiscal year, budgets for the organization and proposed program, and funding history of whole organization of grants and amounts received from other other foundations and corporations for the whole organization. (Important: proposals must contain this financial information for consideration.)
  • The amount requested
  • Clear statement of the purpose for the grant
  • Note to nonprofit "program" or "satellite" agencies - see Frequently Asked Questions for financial information needed.
  • Any additional information related to the organization or the request that may assist us in evaluating the request
  • A list of members of the governing board and the official contact person for the organization
  • Proof of the organization’s status as a public charity as determined by the IRS under section 501 (c)(3)
  • Submit ONE complete proposal and 7 copies of your one–page proposal cover letter.

Review Process

Foundation directors stay current on community needs and issues on a continuing basis. They learn about these needs by meeting with community leaders to study an issue and develop recommendations. Only Foundation directors initiate site visits and do not entertain impromptu visits at our offices.

The Foundation meets quarterly to consider funding requests. Up to 120 days are required to review proposals; quarterly meetings are held on or after March 1st, June 1st, September 1st, and December 1st. Applicants will be informed in writing about the Foundation’s funding decisions. Applicants may apply only once each calendar year, at least 12 months from the last application's grant or rejection. For example, applicants who are funded or rejected in the first quarter of a given year, must wait to re–apply in the first quarter of the subsequent year. This remains in effect regardless of the Foundation’s funding decision.

Grant recipients must submit a follow–up report six months after receiving funds. Grantees must first accept the terms of our donation (as specified in our grant contract) and then follow the Foundation’s guidelines for effective grant reporting. General newsletters and/or informal updates will not suffice.

The Foundation requires that all publicity using its name be approved in advance. Normally, the Foundation does not seek public recognition in local newspapers or other forms of commercial media. News of a grant may be included in internal newsletters. Please do not send any generalized, mass–produced newsletters or similar materials to the Foundation; these items are costly and will most likely not be read by any Foundation directors.

Have a question? Check our Frequently Asked Questions Page.

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